Health Risk Associated With Dirty Carpets

An organization makes progress when its employees are happy, productive and healthy, which makes health and safety of very high importance to the organization. Many organizations do not consider the thorough cleaning of carpet as a necessary maintenance routine and many at times the cleaning is assigned to a staff rather than hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. However, a couple of health risk can be associated to not properly cleaning the carpet on a regular basis, especially where the carpet is used commercially. Some of these health issues related with keeping filthy carpets will be discussed below:

Respiratory sickness

Particles such as dust, dirt and mold can be get stuck in carpets. Usual activities such as vacuuming and walking can release these particles to the atmosphere. The existence of these particles in the air can the primary cause of respiratory problems such as coughing, sneezing or difficulty in breathing. These symptoms can be experienced in greater intensity by asthmatic individuals.

Skin irritation

Upon contact with a fungi-infected carpet a person can experience serious skin irritation. Contagious contamination such as rashes, itchy skin, eczema and athlete’s foot can be contacted or worsen due to the presence of dust mites in dirty carpets. The use of humidifiers and constant cleaning of the carpet can be used to protect sensitive skin.


Contrasted with hard floors, carpets can house in many occasions more allergens and other contaminants such as dust parasites and pet hair. These can present serious health dangers, making individuals have unfavorably susceptible response like coughing, skin irritation and sneezing. These allergens can also trigger respiratory sickness and even irritation.  Furthermore, dirty carpets can house dust particles containing bacterial spores which when introduced into water can cause serious health problems.

Microorganism contamination

Risky organisms known as Mycotoxin are peculiar to carpets that are not appropriately cleaned often. These are as a result of dangerous molds and can penetrate the human body by inhaling or through contact with the skin. When a carpet progresses toward becoming pervaded with Mycotoxin, simply vacuuming can worsen things by discharging these dangerous microorganisms into the air. Exposure to such harmful microorganism overtime can weaken the immune system causing the person to be susceptible to various illness.

At the point when rugs are not cleaned appropriately and regularly, they become a reproducing ground for molds, bugs, dust, microorganisms, and infection causing organisms. The most ideal approach to ensure that the rug in your building is as perfect as it should be is to hire the service of professional carpet cleaners.

How can you then ensure a conducive working environment? Regular cleaning and vacuuming should do but carpets can look clean but still house toxic particles. Therefore, basic cleaning methods alone won’t be enough in ensuring that your carpets are not hosting pollutants or germs, you will be needing the services of professionals. Professionals also provide expertise in treating carpet deep stains and discolorations, in case you need for commercial cleaning Elk Grove Village.