Full Service Maintenance and Commercial Cleaning

msch-janitorial-serviceMSCH dedication to detail and our hands-on approach to training our employees give our clients reassurance that every job is executed with quality and care. This is why MSCH goes through extreme measures to constantly track the progress and quality of our employee’s performanc

General Office Cleaning

Chicago General Office CleaningAt MSCH Janitorial Service we strive to provide the best commercial cleaning service in the Chicago and suburbs area. MSCH commercial cleaning department takes pride on enhancing your business by giving you a professional cleaning service that will save you time and money.

Having an effective janitorial service for your business will reduce employee sick days while increasing employee efficiency. It is imperative that an office environment is regularly cleaned and maintained. Injuries and illnesses often occur in commercial establishments due to a lack of proper housekeeping.

Let us help you reduce allergic reactions to dust and mold, prevent common viruses, and limit your risk of customer injury. A wide range of commercial cleaning services are offered for small and medium sized companies. We customize your professional cleaning package according to your needs and budget. Let MSCH Janitorial Service be the answer to all your janitorial needs!

From floor to ceiling cleaning service

  • Total carpet cleaning and floor maintenance
  • total disinfectant program
  • clean all glass surfaces and countertops
  • dust all horizontal surfaces

Restroom Sanitation

Restroom sanitation service in chicagoYour employees and customers deserve clean, sanitized restrooms. Your restroom is as much a part of your company as your conference room, sales area or dining room. MSCH Janitorial Service is dedicated to helping businesses just like yours maximize return business and efficient restroom cleaning can help!
Restroom cleaning services from MSCH can help you ensure that your restrooms are immaculate, your customers are happy and your employees can focus on the jobs they were hired for. The result is a sanitized restroom that looks and smells clean — because it is clean!

From floor to ceiling cleaning service

  • Clean and sanitize toilets, urinals, sinks and tiled surfaces clean all glass and mirrors
  • Replenish all soap, towels, tissue and paper seats cover dispensers
  • Clean and disinfect all floor areas with
  • Equipment dedicated to restroom use only

Cafeteria cleaning

  • Cofeteria cleaning service chicagoAt MSCH JAnitorial Service maintaining the cleanliness of your restaurant is of the utmost importance. Customers spend time in your restaurant every day, and the consequences of having a less than exceptionally clean restaurant will be immediately felt. What’s more, strict health code standards regarding cleanliness must be upheld, or the restaurant could face fines or even have to close its doors.
    At MSCH we provide these services to our restaurant and cafeteria customers, standard services like sweeping, mopping, detail cleaning behind equipment, disposing of debris, cleaning all drains are all standard procedure for MSCH Janitorial Service

    From floor to ceiling cleaning service

    • Wash and sanitize tables, chairs, countertops and sinks
    • Wash and sanitize interior and exterior of trash receptacles
    • Sanitize interior and exterior of microwaves
    • Clean and sanitize drinking fountains

Industrial Services

  • MSCH Induatrial services chicagoThe demands on industrial and manufacturing companies to maximize output and minimize down time are greater that ever.
    Maintenance will always be necessary and we have solutions for many of the difficult cleaning needs required by industry. With our equipment and expertise we can safely and effectively keep your business up and running. We are capable of cleaning industrial and manufacturing equipment. If you have a specific need call us and we will work out a solution.

    Services includes but not limited to:

    • Industrial equipment cleaning
    • Concrete floor cleaning & patching
    • sealing decorative epoxy coating and save striping
    • power washing

Concrete scrubbing

  • Chicago concrete scrubbing servicesMSCH concrete floor scrubbing division utilizes the latest ride-on and walk-behind scrubbing machines to clean commercial parking structures and commercial/industrial warehouse facilities. Our experienced scrubbing crews pride themselves on top quality work and devising innovative solutions to large, complex cleaning assignments. All sizes of parking structures (from 50 to 3,000+ spaces) and warehouse floors (1,000 to 500,000 plus square feet) can be accommodated. The benefits of scrubbing over steam cleaning are as follows
    • Ride-on scrubbing machines are very effective in cleaning large expanses of concrete in a short period of time.
    • The machines dual cylindrical brushes can be readily changed to accommodate differing concrete surfaces (smooth versus rough and sealed versus non-sealed)
    • The machine vacuums up all solution, debris and water leaving the floors dry and traffic ready


  • Chicago Dealership Cleaning ServiceThe Cleaning and Automotive Industries are similar in many ways. They both rely on creating a good first impression for the customer as that is the lasting impression that they will have. It all begins with the quality of our associates that form and deliver that high quality of customer service.Our cleaning team is armed with extensive training and experience in all facets of dealership cleaning, which includes the service bays, windows, showrooms, customer wait areas and providing specialized floor care. All of which is designed to provide a positive first impression not only for the first time customer, but also for your employees to help form a positive work environment. Most dealerships focus or depend on walk-in traffic as their major source for new, used and lease vehicle sales.
  • Services includes but not limited to:

    • Specializing in granite and stone floors
    • Special protective coatings to avoid tire marks
    • Power washing
    • Epoxy coating in the shop areas

Vacuum Cleaner Repair

We fix Commercial upright and backpack vacuums.

Commercial vacuums are more durable then residential vacuums and are designed for daily use. Commercial vacuum cleaners go thru a lot a wear and tear and periodically will need repair or belt replacement. We fix brands like Sanitaire, Bissel , VacTeam , Mosquito. For vacuum repairs stop by or call us today!


$25.00 / hour for following:

  • Post Construction clean-ups – all details included
  • Foreclosure cleaning – contracts with banks
  • Garage maintenance – sweeping / trash removal / and all other things
  • Warehouse maintenance
  • Factory shop maintenance and all related services
  • all cleaning related non-contract services.

Below is the price chart for information only, this is not actual prices and please be aware that every each location/situation is different, so are prices, we have to see the actual location do give you exact price.

  • Commercial cleaning service, we are charging $0.05 – 0.12 per square feet for regular office cleaning if often then 2 times a week, but we are working on every costumer individually, so the prices are all different.
  • Carpet shampoo / extract service for commercial locations, we are charging $0.08 – 0.25 per square feet for 1,000 square foot or less, if the area is bigger, the price will go down per occur, however our minimum cost per scheduled work is $125.00.
  • Striping and refinish tile floors as well, we are charge $0.12 – 0.27 per square feet if less then 1,000 square feet, then if its bigger, the price will go down.